Our Services INTTEC

Unpiggable Pipeline Integrity Assessment Service

We offer unpiggable Pipeline Integrity Services, according to the guidelines stipulated in the standards API 1160 and ASME B31.8S.

Georeferencing And Data Collection

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is made up of satellites operated by the Ministry of Defense of the United States. The GPS receivers calculate positions every second, providing accuracies that vary from submetric values up to 5 m; with differential correction processing.

Coating Evaluation Of Bueried Pipelines

Inttec uses the most advanced existing technologies, endorsed by international standards to evaluate the specific condition of the coating in buried pipes. ACVG and DCVG are techniques that are used as a complement to the ACCA to obtain a more complete and accurate evaluation.

Application Of New Inspection Technologies

Inttec employs new inspection technologies individually or by complementing direct assessment methods (ECDA, ICDA and SCCDA) to increase reliability in the results of integrity studies.

Repair Of Pipes “In Service” Using Non-Metal Shirts

Currently there are methods of cold rehabilitation of pipes using non-metallic materials that reinforce the mechanical properties in the sections affected by corrosion, erosion or mechanical damage

Evaluation, Design And Installation Of Cathodic Protection Systems

Inttec, performs activities of evaluation, monitoring, design and installation of cathodic protection systems both by impressed current and galvanic anodes, especially in buried lines and storage tanks.